Word On The Street Is, The BREAKING BAD Movie Will Premiere On Netflix

Strange things are afoot with Vince Gilligan's BREAKING BAD movie.

We found out about Vince Gilligan's forthcoming Breaking Bad "sequel" movie back in November, and in the time since there's been much speculation as to what, exactly, that sequel would entail. Allegedly, the film (codenamed Greenbriar) would follow Jesse Pinkman in the aftermath of Breaking Bad's explosive finale, but who else would be in it? Was it a miniseries, a TV movie, a theatrical release? All of that's been up for debate.

Today, we've been given an update, and it's a most curious one. According to Deadline, the Breaking Bad movie - whatever it ends up being called - will premiere on Netflix before also screening on AMC, the cable network that played host to Breaking Bad during its 2008-2013 run.

Even more curiously, it might yet not be a movie at all. Says Deadline:

"I hear the script is being shot as a feature though it has not been determined yet how it will air, as a film or cut into episodes."

You'll note that the word "theatrical" isn't getting tossed around here, so it seems all but guaranteed we'll only be watching the Breaking Bad movie (or the follow-up series, if that's the route they choose to go) via our televisions. Why it wouldn't premiere on AMC before hitting Netflix remains unclear, but we're certainly curious to find out what happened there.

Nothing further to report at this time, but we're dying to learn more about this one, and will keep you abreast of any further updates as they roll in. While we're waiting on those to arrive: have you revisited Breaking Bad recently? My household just did an entire series rewatch, and I found it just as thrilling and compuslively watchable now as I did back when it aired ("Crawlspace" and "Ozymandias" still get my votes for any best-of episode list). I highly recommend giving it another whirl before the movie (or, yes, the follow-up series, whatever the case may be) hits Netflix. br