We Don’t Totally Know What MA Is, But We Are In Love

“There’s something off about Ma.” Hey, maybe you’re the problem, Kiddo.

We see a lot of movies here at BMD. We write them up and do our best to treat them all individually. But they make so many, and it’s hard for some to stick out, especially when originality is in such short supply.

But you know what? Every once in a while a real gem comes along. That is exactly what happened just now with the release of the first trailer for Ma. Watch this delightful slice of Heaven below:

I have seen stalker-thrillers. I have never seen one about an older lady who lets underage kids party in her basement. And based on what we see here, Octavia Spencer is doing everything right to make this a campy masterpiece. And then Luke Evans just shows up out of the blue!? I am so in love with this trailer and absolutely cannot wait for the film to come out. Bring me Ma and bring her now!

Oh. Going to have to wait until May 31. Shit.