Full TWILIGHT ZONE Trailer Comes Loaded With Creepy, Awesome Imagery

Yes, yes, yes, looks good, let's have it.

Jordan Peele's reboot of The Twilight Zone has always been incredible to think about in the abstract. Peele is the perfect person to lead and host the show, and given that we're essentially living in a Twilight Zone right now, a reboot of the show is perfectly timed.

It's only now, though, with today's trailer launch, that we've got an idea of how it'll look, and holy shit:

Wow. A ton of creepy, tantalising imagery, dialogue, and concepts hinted at there. Visually, it looks super off-putting, with a ton of odd camera angles and wide lenses. And man, just weird, sinister vibes going on all over the place.

From what we know and what we can tell from the trailer, we can piece together a few things. In the episode "The Wunderkind," Jacob Tremblay will play a Danny Torrance-esque child president (elected on a platform of "Video Games 4 All," if one of his supporters' placards is to be trusted) alongside John Cho and Allison Tolman. Adam Scott will appear in some kind of "Nightmare At 30,000 Feet" remake alongside Chris Diamantopoulos and some extra-credit conspiracy plotline. Greg Kinnear plays an Alaskan police officer at Christmas opposite Stephen Yeun in "The Traveler." Tracy Morgan will menace Kumail Nanjiani in one episode, and Glenn Fleshler will menace Sanaa Lathan in another (entitled "Rewind"). And there are still more episodes yet to be previewed, so yeah, there's a bunch going on here.

CBS also debuted the below poster for the show, which isn't as revealing but does feature 50% of Jordan Peele, so there you go. The Twilight Zone premieres April 1st on CBS All Access.