HALO Series Hires Director Of BLACK MIRROR Episode Where The PM Bangs A Pig

Fingers crossed Master Chief gets intimate with a Grunt.

Showtime, Microsoft, and Amblin have been looking for a director for its upcoming Halo series ever since Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Rupert Wyatt dropped out in December. Now, they've reached the end of that search, hiring Robin Hood's Otto Bathurst for the job. He'll direct "multiple episodes," according to Variety, and serve as an executive producer outside of that.

Now, before everyone gets all snarky about Bathurst's one theatrical feature, remember that he's being hired for TV, and indeed, he's been working as a TV director for over fifteen years. You may have seen his work in Peaky Blinders, or maybe the pig-fucking episode of Black Mirror. If you're a fantasy fan, you'll likely see his work in the new His Dark Materials series, premiering later this year. Let's not bag on the guy for taking what was probably a pretty lucrative gig.

I've written before about Halo's long and torturous journey to TV and movie screens, and it's worth noting that this hire only really brings us back to where we were a year ago, though I'm sure Wyatt's development work won't have been tossed aside. Here's hoping Bathurst sticks, and the show actually sees the light of day (and is, you know, good).

No premiere date has been set for Halo, which is a good thing, since the director only just got hired. Mustn't rush these things. But when it airs, it'll air on Showtime.