GREMLINS May Be Getting Its Own Streaming Series

Everyone's clear on the rules, right?

Here's a story I didn't expect to be writing today: according to Variety, Joe Dante's 1984 horror-comedy classic, Gremlins, may be getting its very own animated spin-off. The project, currently in development at WarnerMedia, would roll out via that company's forthcoming streaming service. 

What's it about? Says Variety:

"The potential series is said to be a period piece that would follow Mr. Wing, the Chinese grandfather played in the films by Keye Luke, as a young man as he goes on adventures with the friendly Mogwai Gizmo. The series will be produced by Warner Bros. Television and Amblin Television. Both Warner Bros. and Amblin produced the films on which the show will be based."

Making the Gremlins series a prequel of sorts is an interesting move, and one can easily imagine how an animated series following a young Mr. Wing and Gizmo on a series of adventures would be appealing to kids (speaking as someone whose childhood security blanket was a very worn Gizmo doll, I can assure you that kids fucking love Mogwais). And, hey, if they encounter any problems coming up with story ideas, we know exactly who to bring in.

This one's still in development for a streaming network that doesn't have a release date (or an official name) yet, so we should probably not expect any further updates on the Gremlins animated series for some time.

While we're waiting on those to roll in: what do you make of the above? Wouldja tune in for this? Administer is to your kids as a gateway drug to actual Gremlins? Can we use this news to once again proclaim the underappreciated brilliance of Gremlins 2: The New Batch? Let us know on all of the above in the comments below, and stay tuned.