HBO’s 2019 Trailer Contains New Looks At WATCHMEN, DEADWOOD, RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES And More

There is a LOT going on here.

HBO released a new trailer covering their 2019 slate this morning, and it contains so many slam-dunks that it's all but guaranteed to send you into a mild panic if you're not already subscribed. This year alone, the network's bringing us Watchmen, His Dark Materials, the Deadwood movie and Righteous Gemstones, alongside returning faves like Veep, Big Little Lies and Barry...

We could keep naming shows, but it'd really be easier if you just watched this:

Pretty killer lineup, no?

Of course, the "new footage" that's here is very limited (a handful of shots from Watchmen, a single shot from Righteous Gemstones), but the cumulative effect of all this is undeniable: HBO's got some wild shit headed our way, and it's worth getting excited about. We still can't believe this Deadwood thing is actually happening.

Of the above, what're y'all most excited for? Watchmen's the obvious pick here, but the BMD crew is particularly excited about Danny McBride, Jody Hill and David Gordon Green's Righteous Gemstones, especially in the wake of Vice Principals. Sound off with your own faves in the space provided below, and do stay tuned for updates on pretty much everything glimpsed in the trailer above. Gonna be a good year.