Pikachu Rides Pikachu Balloon In New DETECTIVE PIKACHU Trailer

And then Mewtwo (I think?) bursts that balloon.

In all my years of vaguely ignoring Pokemon, I never pictured Pikachu being addicted to coffee or sounding at all like Ryan Reynolds. That may just be me, but it’s still a hard pill to swallow especially now that our collective idea of Pikachu is about to be replaced by this cultural behemoth. Yes, the new trailer for Detective Pikachu has arrived:

Against all my better judgement, this actually looks like a blast. I’m told one of these monsters is called Mewtwo and its inclusion is a big deal. Whatever you say, Pokemon fans! I’m just along for the ride. But even I have to admit it’s cool to see all these cute bastards on the big screen in a twisted real-world version of what they’re normally up to.

Detective Pikachu is basically going to take the world over starting May 10. Everyone get ready.