AQUAMAN 2 Won’t Hit Theaters Until 2022, Assuming We Make It To 2022

How high will the oceans get between now and then?

Warner Bros. finally has some footing in the superhero game and they’re not going to throw a win away by ignoring their successes. Which is my long-winded way to say of course there is going to be an Aquaman 2. Just not any time soon.

EW reports that while there will most certainly be a sequel to last year’s extremely popular (and fun!) James Wan movie, it won’t be hitting theaters until December 16, 2022. That means if you were a Freshman in high school when the first Aquaman came out, you’ll already be a meth addict with two kids by the time the sequel hits.

This may come as a disappointment, but look on the bright side! Ideally it means care and consideration is being put into the project. And hey, don’t forget about the horror thing they’re doing with the universe, The Trench. Four years are going to go by like a snap, and between now and then, all kinds of crazy stuff may go down in the DCEU that enriches whatever plans are for this sequel.

Or maybe they’ll spend three years cracking the script only to deliver something that falls far short of the original. But I’m trying to put an optimistic spin on things here. Four years is quite a long time, after all.