BROOKLYN NINE-NINE’s Getting A Seventh Season On NBC

Ya didn't know what ya had, Fox.

Once upon a time, Fox owned a show called Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Another Michael Schur workspace comedy set in the titular NYC precinct, the show was good and funny and starred a whole bunch of people whose work you enjoy, like Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti, Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher. The show was great but its ratings weren't cutting the mustard for the suits at Fox, so they canceled it. 

Then along came NBC, who picked up the series for a sixth season last year to widespread rejoicing (this was, without question, the most heroic thing NBC had done since cancelling Outsourced). That sixth season ended up improving on the ratings of the show's fifth season (by 8%, if you need a firm number) and became an accomplished digital performer for NBC in the process.

Which brings us to the following, possibly unsurprising, update: NBC has picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a seventh season. No word on when it'll go into production, who'll be making guest appearances or when it'll air, but that's fine. We just figured you'd like to know that it will be returning again. Stay tuned for further Brooklyn Nine-Nine updates as they roll in.