Here Comes More A STAR IS BORN

The Shallows get a little deeper.

What a weird year for movie awards. Pretty early last year, the smart money was on A Star is Born taking the whole thing. It did seem specifically poised for award greatness. And yet, that’s not what happened. It did gather some statues, but so did every damn movie.

But so far, it’s the only one that’s getting a big post-Oscar rerelease with a bunch of new footage. According to Deadline, the film will be in theaters again this Friday (for one week only) with twelve minutes of additional song action thrown in for those who have already watched the thing four times. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of actual new talking scenes, just new songs and additions to songs already in the movie. But hey, if you’re in love you’ll take what you can get.

Of course, other movies are getting their releases expanded as well, including The Favourite, Into the Spider-Verse, and everyone’s favorite - Green Book. But none of them are boasting new special features are part of the deal. At least not yet.