The Red-Band HELLBOY Trailer Isn’t Pulling Any Punches

Big Red's not here to play games.

As promised, the red-band trailer for Neil Marshall's Hellboy just landed.

How's it look? See what you think:

Here's what I can tell you: I'm still a little iffy on how the new Hellboy looks.

Maybe you'll disagree, but something about Ron Perlman's face really seemed to lend itself to the makeup that brought Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy to life. David Harbour's face (ruggedly handsome though it may be!) just doesn't seem to wear it as well. Virtually everything else going on here seems fun enough - there's an appropriate sense of scope to the proceedings, the cast seems game, everything looks noticeably more polished than it during in the first Hellboy trailer - and yet ... I'm still not quite over the hurdle of Hellboy's face. That's an important hurdle, all things considered.

Oh, well. No matter. One way or another, we'll be there when Hellboy opens on April 12th. How 'bout y'all?