Well, Uh, Here’s The New DARK PHOENIX Trailer

This does not bode well.

Late last night, under the cover of darkness and while most of the country was dead asleep, 20th Century Fox pulled over on a stretch of unlit highway and dumped the latest trailer for Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix out the passenger-side door. At the time, there were precious few witnesses to the scene. 

But now, in the cold light of day, we can all get a nice, long look at the body. 

This is the latest (and, if the effort that's been put into this film's marketing campaign thus far is any indication, possibly the last) trailer for Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix. Obviously, the responsible thing to do here is to hold off on rendering any verdicts until we've seen the entire film, but based solely on this trailer it seems there may be cause for concern. Dark Phoenix looks flat and weirdly-staged, small in scale when it should be epic, and more than one cast member looks less than thrilled to be here.

Rumors of a troubled production have plagued Dark Phoenix for well over a year, but sometimes troubled productions get saved in reshoots and with studio tinkering. One cannot help but watch this trailer and wonder if the reshoots and tinkering weren't enough. It brings us no pleasure to say this, but Dark Phoenix - ostensibly the final entry in Fox's long-running X-Men franchise - simply doesn't look very good. 

Guess we'll all find out when Kinberg's film (his directorial debut, it's worth noting) hits theaters on June 7th. Y'all gonna show up for it or what? Sound off below.