Can Elisabeth Moss Find THE INVISIBLE MAN?

Sources say… maybe!

Oh, I’m sorry. You thought we were all done with Universal’s Dark Universe business? You thought audiences going cold on the ol’ Four-Pupil Mummy movie meant we could go back to our normal lives without seeing more Universal monsters given the modern horror (but really action) treatment?

Well, you thought wrong, but maybe it’s not so bad. As we already know, Upgrade’s Leigh Whannell is now in charge of writing and directing an Invisible Man movie.

Except what if it’s not a man that’s invisible? Variety reports that Elisabeth Moss is in early talks to take a lead in the film. They don’t say which lead that might be, indicating that perhaps she will be the one getting invisible instead of some dumb dude. Or, maybe it will ultimately be some dumb dude, and we just got excited for nothing.

Speaking of which, the article also indicates that Johnny Depp is no longer involved. Maybe we knew that part already but it’s worth repeating.

In any case, The Invisible Man is my favorite of the Universal Monster movies (because, man, what a funny asshole that guy is!), so I’m especially interested in how this goes. Plus, I do have some faith in Whannell. So let’s all keep our fingers crossed.