ARROW 7.14 Review “Brothers & Sisters”

You're right, Laurel. Felicity is kind of a badass!

This post contains spoilers for Arrow.
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There is a whole host of behind the scenes talent that never gets credit for their work on television and film. Today we’re going to acknowledge the team at Rapaport Casting, the casting company working on the majority of your favorites on The CW Network over the years. I bring this up because I’m typically not for flashbacks or flashforwards or whatever other storytelling tool you want to use to split off from a main story arc, but adult William (Ben Lewis) and Mia Smoak (Katherine McNamara) have collectively gotten me invested in their story in the future.

“Brothers & Sisters” is about exactly what you’d expect, but only one pair of siblings does anything really noteworthy. I desperately want to be on board with this Emiko arc, it just hasn’t grabbed me yet. Sea Shimooka does fine in the part, and Stephen Amell has proven time and time again that he can turn Oliver into an emotional powerhouse, I’m just not into it. Mia and William steal the show in the future, bonding over their broken parents, but we learn that Oliver and Felicity aren’t the messes that the two of them may think.

We see Oliver trying to call William for the umpteenth time in the beginning of the episode, but he tells his sister in the future that he and Felicity never tried to contact him again. Meanwhile, Mia sees her mom as a dramatic kook who just wants the world to believe that her husband was a hero. But, Oliver was (is?) a hero. Either someone’s gone to great lengths to ensure that the Smoak-Queen children think their parents are tremendous assholes, or there’s some timeline funniness going on.

While Mia and William, and Oliver and Emiko cover things on the related front, they’re not the only siblings who get showcased in the episode. Diggle finally comes clean to his family about working with Diaz, causing strain with Felicity and inspiring remarkable understanding from Oliver. In addition, Laurel and Felicity get a chance to have a remarkable sister moment about midway through.

The Suicide Squad stuff finally came to a head this week. While it’s not in any notable way, we do get some interesting story tidbits out of it. Director Bell was Dante’s mole, but he’s now very dead. There was a princess somewhere in there, but she’s on screen for thirty seconds before she’s murdered. I doubt anyone else was able to work up the ability to care on that, so we’ll move directly to the finale of that little arc. Diaz escapes, because of course he does. Felicity’s given the opportunity to kill him, but chooses not to. Rather than go after their primary target, Dig chooses his sister’s safety instead.

Dig’s decision to jeopardize the primary objective to be Felicity’s backup is actually quite heartwarming. Shades of the old John Diggle shone through both then and when he tells Lyla that it’ll be him taking the fall for the Suicide Squad so that she can remain in charge of ARGUS. It took a while, but it looks like the band’s finally getting back together!

Laurel and Felicity’s moment happens much earlier in the episode, as a direct result of John informing the rest of OTA that he’s made a deal with the devil. With Diaz out of prison, their murder mission’s back on. The thing is, Laurel’s not as into it as she once was. Then she finds out that Felicity’s pregnant, and all cuteness breaks loose. Not only does Laurel go to the store and bring back all kinds of healthy and otherwise pregnant-friendly snacks, she also gives Felicity a kick in the pants kind of pep talk that can only come after you and a friend have plotted to kill a man.

Oliver might not have been the first to know, but the scene where he learns that Felicity is pregnant is appropriately both short and sweet. She’s happy, he’s happy, everyone’s happy! Except Ricardo Diaz, because he’s finally dead. Everyone do a little dance; we don’t have to deal with that arc any longer! Unfortunately, Dante’s story doesn’t seem any more interesting for the time being.

That’s the long and short of this week. Some solid progression, with Mia finally willing to be a team player after some nudging from her brother in the future. Meanwhile Oliver’s made huge strides as a character. There’s an Olicity baby on the way! Dig lost his job, Lyla didn’t, and somehow Black Siren is a better friend than Earth 1 Laurel Lance ever managed to be! Lots going on and lots more to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Up next? Apparently all of the vigilantes are going to cop school? I know it’s called Police Academy, but I didn’t want to get any hopes up after that lukewarm trailer for next week. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode!