James Cameron Might Finally Be Putting THE ABYSS On Blu-Ray

Certainly looking that way.

For years now, fans have been pestering both 20th Century Fox and director James Cameron with what would seem, on the surface, to be a very simple question: when will The Abyss be made available on Blu-ray?

That 1989 classic - which involves a team of engineers who stumble across an exotic underwater civilization while trying to help Michael Biehn locate a missing nuclear submarine - has, until now, only been made available to most consumers on standard-def DVD. You can't even stream the thing in hi-def, which is a shame, because The Abyss rules.

Well, check this out:

That's from the Instagram account of Skip Kimball, a colorist who's worked with James Cameron in the past (most recently on the Cameron EP'd Alita: Battle Angel), and it certainly seems to indicate that a newly-remastered version of The Abyss is headed our way. Two of 'em, actually: according to Kimball's hashtags, 4K and Blu-ray are both in play here.

Is this an official announcement? No. Is it possible that Skip Kimball is playing a prank on everyone? Sure. Is it possible that this isn't really Skip Kimball's Instagram account, but the work of a clever hoax artist who's made it their mission to disappoint The Abyss fans all over the world? It's 2019, baby - anything's possible. For now, nothing's confirmed, but this is the first indication that we might have an official confirmation to look forward to in the months ahead.

As such, stay tuned for further updates as this situation develops. Also, if this is all just an elaborate hoax meant to rile up The Abyss fans and you're the person responsible for perpetuating said hoax, please knock it off. We would have no choice but to respect your dedication but also that would be very mean.