This International DARK PHOENIX Trailer Is Way Better Than That Other DARK PHOENIX Trailer

How come we got the crappy one?

Remember last week, when 20th Century Fox rolled out their long-awaited new trailer for Simon Kinberg's Dark Phoenix, and everyone spent a few hours openly mocking it because it sucked so hard? Well, guess what? They went and cut another Dark Phoenix trailer for international audiences, and this version's way better. 

See if you don't agree.

Does this trailer indicate Dark Phoenix will be great? No. But is it an improvement on the previous trailer, which appeared to have been edited by someone while they were being chased up a dark alleyway by the cops? Absolutely. We'd been ready to give up hope on Dark Phoenix entirely after that one, but this version's got us back in the "almost cautiously optimistic" camp! That's something, right?

What do y'all think? Like this trailer more than the last one? Think they're about the same? Are you prepared to go Full Contrarian and declare that the international trailer is actually worse than the domestic trailer? Sound off in the comments section below, and stay tuned for further Dark Phoenix updates as they roll in.

Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7th.