If This AMAZING GRACE Trailer Doesn’t Give You Goosebumps, See A Doctor

All hail the Queen.

Disclaimer: Tim League, founder and CEO of Birth.Movies.Death.’s parent company Alamo Drafthouse, is a co-founder of NEON.

The other day, before a screening of Neil Jordan's Greta, I caught the first trailer for NEON's Amazing Grace, and was once again reminded how insanely powerful Aretha Franklin's voice was. The singer, who passed away last year at the age of 76, had skills that bordered on the supernatural, and hearing that voice pour out of a fancy surround-sound system caused me to break out into goosebumps. 

You probably won't get the same effect watching this trailer on your laptop, but turn that volume all the way up, anyway.

This is Amazing Grace, crafted from never-before-seen footage from the recording of Franklin's gospel album of the same name (the best-selling gospel record of all time, I might add). The footage captured during that recording has remained unseen for over 50 years, but will finally be released in theaters (in New York and L.A.) on April 5th. It looks to be a fascinating time capsule, and a powerful concert film, to boot. 

Here's the film's poster:

We're curious to learn more about Amazing Grace, and pretty hyped about the idea of seeing Aretha belting out some of these songs on the big screen. How 'bout y'all? 

Stay tuned for more on Amazing Grace as further updates roll in.