Shit’s Getting Crazy: Idris Elba To Replace Will Smith In James Gunn’s SUICIDE SQUAD

The Willennium is over.

So it came out recently that Will Smith was not going to be in Suicide Squad 2. He really wanted to stick with the film, but he has a standing order not to be in movies that might be cool and sadly had to depart. It was a dark day for everyone who cherished his turn as Deadshot. He did play a guy named Deadshot, right?

Since this is a James Gunn jam, it really didn’t seem important whether or not Deadshot returned. In fact, I personally could care less if any of the original Suicide Squatters returned. The only one I liked was Mr. Ropes and they killed him right at the beginning. No Deadshot? No worries!

Except that’s not how James Gunn feels apparently. And today we learn that Deadshot will return in Suicide Squad 2, just not in Will Smith form. Instead he will be played by Idris Elba, star of something like 200 movies this year.

Is that a trade up? A trade down? We’ve already seen Elba sling some guns and he seemed pretty good at it. But Will Smith is pretty charming also. I’m calling this one a draw. That’s a gun joke. Excuse me, a Gunn joke. Is it quitting time yet?

I’m getting more and more curious about Suicide Squad 2 (maybe now called The Suicide Squad? I’m not sure), as it gets closer and closer to being a thing that exists. It’s hard to believe but this is expected to come out August 6, 2021, and it will probably be one you don’t want to miss.