Amazon’s LORD OF THE RINGS Show Might Not Be A Retread After All

Time to read the Wiki for The Second Age.

I’ve been mostly ignoring any news regarding Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show, basically because I’ve already seen Lord of the Rings and it is near perfect. I can’t imagine spending an even longer time rewatching that done by somebody other than Peter Jackson. Even when HE revisited that world it was rough.

But things are different now. This morning, the show’s Twitter revealed when the series will take place and it’s not what we expected:

The Second Age. I know just enough about what that means to get excited and little enough to probably spend the rest of my day on Wikipedia filling in blanks. Even if you’re not a Tolkien scholar, this is good news as it means Amazon’s show will not be telling the Lord of the Rings story again but rather a story we’ve never seen which takes place many many years before all that (no young Aragorn bullshit). Which means we’re not likely to be plagued with prequel nonsense. As far as my limited knowledge tells me (and I’m sure commenters will be happy to tell me how limited that knowledge is) this is all about the fall of Númenor, the forging of the Rings, and that big fight against Sauron we see at the beginning of Fellowship. I am in!

So there you have it. Suddenly, this whole thing just got a lot more exciting.