James Gunn’s SUICIDE SQUAD Lineup Starts To Fill Up With Awesome Knuckleheads

Cautious optimism rising.

Back in a much more innocent time, I was a wee orphan on the streets of London. The horrors of the world had not yet planted their flag on my psyche, and as such, it was easy to get excited upon learning that David Ayer would be adapting DC Comics’ Suicide Squad. I was an innocent! I had no idea what was coming!

Which makes it harder for me to admit that I am super duper excited for James Gunn’s Suicide Squad sequel. Last night we learned that Idris Elba would be taking over for Will Smith as Deadshot. And today, via Collider, we finally have an idea who else might be on the team.

That roster includes King Shark, maybe the most well-known of these clowns due to his inclusion in some of those CW shows. King Shark is a humanoid shark. That’s pretty cool already (even if the last one had a lame humanoid crocodile).

Then there is Ratcatcher, a man in the comics but supposedly a lady in the film. Ratcatcher is a Batman villain who can talk to and control rats. I am okay with this as well.

Next there is Polka-Dot Man, also a Batman villain. Polka-Dot Man I don’t really understand. He grows polka dots that are weapons somehow. Don’t get it. Still into it.

Finally there is Peacemaker, who likes peace so much he will totally curb stomp a fool to get some. According to Collider, Gunn is eyeing Dave Bautista for this role.

Next is The Beekeeper. I don't know his deal, but he looks like this:

So there you go. No matter what happened with the first Suicide Squad movie and its cool lineup that ended up not being all that cool, here is another cool lineup for another Suicide Squad movie and I cannot help but get excited about it. Help me. I guess that’s just the James Gunn difference.