Mindy Kaling And Emma Thompson’s LATE NIGHT Gets Its First Trailer

The Sundance crowd pleaser is almost here.

Late Night was one of the films from this year’s Sundance Film Festival that Amazon bought for like a billion dollars. I can see why. The film is a heartwarming crowd pleaser. Written by Mindy Kaling and starring her, Emma Thompson, John Lithgow and a host of people you recognize but might not know by name, Late Night is a light comedy that has mainstream potential written all over it.

But that’s also Late Night’s problem: it’s an easy to watch but mostly unfunny movie about comedy made to mildly please everyone. That kind of comes through in the first trailer for the film:

Again, Late Night isn’t bad, exactly, just very mild. I wish I liked it more as colleagues exited the film directly to announce its supremacy on Twitter, making me feel like I had been transported into an alternate dimension or something. I’m still waiting to find out how wrong I am when the film comes out June 17.