New Trailer For RAGE 2 Encourages You To Become A Wasteland Superhero

Any game that allows you to skeletonize your enemies can't be all bad.

The first Rage, which arrived on consoles all the way back in 2010, was a fairly standard post-apocalyptic affair: wander around an "open" world environment, shoot a bunch of vaguely punk-looking bad guys, do side-quests and so forth. The game tried to inject some new life into the formula with racing elements and a boomerang-esque weapon called the Wingstick, but the reviews were mostly middling. Most of us assumed we'd never hear from Rage again.

Then, quite recently, a Rage sequel was announced, and our first glimpse of the game was pretty damn impressive: the environments looked more varied and colorful, the upgraded weapons looked more elaborate and fun to use, and the gameplay itself looked as fast and furious as the pacing in some of other id Software's other recent efforts. This was all very good news!

Now there's another new trailer, and ... yup, this game still looks like a lot of fun. Check it out:

I'm getting a Bulletstorm vibe from some of this footage, which isn't a bad thing! Though that game's Bro-y elements have not aged well (I recently tried replaying and found it borderline unbearable for this exact reason), its combat mechanics were always a lot of fun to tinker around with, and Rage 2 looks like it's cribbed heavily on that front. If this game is as fun to play as it is to watch in these trailers, Rage 2 might actually end up resurrecting a franchise we all assumed was dead and buried.

We'll find out soon enough. Rage 2 launches on consoles on May 14th. Think you'll give it a go? Sound off in the comments below.