The First DOOM: ANNIHILATION Trailer Opens A Portal To Hell

Possibly Bad Movie Hell.

Look, a movie based on Doom was always a bad idea. 

That game, a legitimate classic, had something of an interesting hook ("What if meddling scientists opened up a portal to Hell...on Mars?!") and an undeniably satisfying gameplay loop ("Kill everything that wanders into your field of vision with an increasingly outlandish series of firearms"), but - as the 2005 feature film version of Doom proved - the elements that worked in video game form only served to create a film that felt hopelessly derivative. Space marines battling waves of monsters? We have an Aliens for that. Portals to Hell being opened accidentally in space? Bruh, do you even Event Horizon? Fuck outta here.

Now, someone (director Tony Giglio) has made another Doom movie, Doom: Annihilation. You're never gonna believe this, but now - on top of feeling derivative of a number of other classic sci-fi/action/horror titles - the latest Doom also feels sadly derivative of the first Doom movie.

Take a look and see if you don't agree:

Yup, that looks much like the last Doom, only this time they're working with an even more limited budget: fewer darkened hallways! Wonkier creature effects! 100% less The Rock! Of course it's possible we'll be proven wrong, and Doom: Annihilation will turn out to be everything the last Doom movie wasn't, but we're not holding our breath. Not even sure why I bothered writing this up, to be honest. I could be having lunch right now.

Anyway, Doom: Annihilation will go direct-to-video later this year.