ARROW 7.15 Review “Training Day”

She wants mint chip.

This post contains spoilers for Arrow.
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When we saw last week’s preview for “Training Day”, it seemed certain that the episode would be a drag. No one wants to watch a team of vigilantes neutered for an episode. Well, I’ll start things off by eating crow: “Training Day” is pretty good! Though it may not be season seven’s best, there’s plenty to dig into in this little back-to-basics episode. Things finally come to a head at the SCPD, and Team Arrow has to learn to fit in with their new team by order of the Mayor. Of all the frustrations, Felicity’s are the most believable. Not because she’s pregnant, or because losing bad guys is never ideal, but because there is no faster way to infuriate a techie of any kind than lag.

With little Mia on the way, both Oliver and Felicity are in overdrive to make Star City a safer place. They’re also both delusional. The city isn’t going to magically become better because they push a little harder than they have in the last seven years, and nothing’s ever going to change if they fall back into the same routine. All the same, that drive results in Felicity finally finishing her fix-up of the Arrow Cave. It’s convenient, because they need a spot to tell Dig they’re pregnant, and he needs a spot to tell them that they’ve gotta find a compromise!

“Training Day” confirms everyone’s worry about Dinah’s Canary Cry. Her voice may have survived the attack but, for now, the Cry is broken. As is custom when a hero loses their power, Dinah goes through a bit of an existential crisis at the realization. That crisis, and the support she receives from the team is the episode’s brightest moment. Heroes are not heroes because of their powers. Heroes are heroes because of their actions!

While Team Arrow tries to find balance in their new gig, Laurel gets a call from one Ben Turner. Ollie promised him his freedom when he got out of Slabside, but Star City’s big-bad-turned-DA can’t quite seal the deal. Turner presses when he discovers he has information that she wants, but settles for a visit with his son without walls when Laurel insists that she can’t expedite his release. The episode’s b-plot gives us two important things: we meet young Connor Hawke, and Laurel gets put on the trail of Diaz’ murderer—Emiko.  

In the future, William and Mia work together to find a way to play their mother’s message. Though Felicity Smoak may not have been William’s birth mom, she certainly helped nurture his smarts. Similarly, Mia might not have spent any time with her father, but she sure as hell has his temper. Because of that, the two make a solid team right out the gate. Felicity’s message is simple: she’s sorry, she’s glad they’re together, she wants them to go to the glades, and she doesn’t want them to look for her. Oliver and Felicity’s children also inherited their parents’ ability to listen.

As one would guess, Team Arrow manages to find a way to compromise before the episode’s close. It’s a quick turnaround, but it’s forgivable since no one wants to spend more time than necessary in a “follow the rules” kind of story. The villain of the week is taken down, Dinah is a badass without her powers, and the Mayor decides to let Team Arrow operate as a separate task force, provided they continue to operate within the letter of the law. Rumor has it she’s even looking into repealing the anti-vigilante law, but the flash forwards pretty much put the kibosh on that idea.

We won't see any of the main arc next week. Mom and Dad have given Mia and William the car keys, and we’ll be spending the episode with them in the future. Flashes from this week show us that by the time Felicity has Mia, she and Oliver are already in hiding. With the news that Arrow’s coming to a close, we’ll likely see that story come to a head sooner rather than later. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode!