Third Time’s A Charm For The Latest ALADDIN Trailer

This one's starting to look much, much better.

Disney's spent the past half decade or so revisiting some of its most beloved animated classics via live-action (excuse me, "live-action") remakes, and each of these efforts has struck box office paydirt. Cinderella. Pete's Dragon. Beauty and The Beast. The Jungle Book. Some of these have been bigger hits than others, to be sure, but they've all been successful. It's gotten to the point where each new remake seems all but guaranteed to be a box office smash from the moment they're announced. 

Then along came Guy Ritchie's Aladdin.

From the very beginning, this one's had issues. Casting woes begat an underwhelming first teaser. The underwhelming first teaser begat a disastrous reveal of Will Smith's Genie on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. The disastrous Genie reveal begat another underwhelming trailer which included another disastrous Genie reveal. To put it mildly, his movie has not had it easy.

But y'know what? I think they're gonna be just fine.

This is the latest trailer for Aladdin, and it's a huge improvement on everything we've seen up to this point. There's jokes here that actually land, the work being done on Genie is starting to come into focus (ya man doesn't look nearly as jarring as he did in previous bits of footage), the scope of the thing looks appropriately huge, with elaborate musical numbers and some truly spectacular FX shots. I'm sure we could nitpick this thing to death if we really wanted to, but this feels like a trailer general audiences will be excited about. Not a moment too soon, either - Aladdin hits theaters in just over two months.

What do you folks think? Agree that this is an improvement? Not so much? Got anything new to add to the Disney "live-action" remakes discussion? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on Aladdin as we draw ever closer to its May 24th arrival in theaters.