What If… Marvel Made An Animated WHAT IF… Show

And exclusively for Disney+?

Back when I was just a wee tyke buying basically worthless old comics from an antique store, the only place I could find them, I loved coming across What If… issues. I doubt many of you need to be told this, but Marvel’s What If… line basically posed a wild question that went against canon and dedicated a whole comic issue toward watching that play out. They were fun! And since nothing in them really mattered, they sometimes got pretty dark.

Now even this is getting folded into the Marvel behemoth. According to /Film, Marvel will be producing an animated What If… series for the Disney+ platform. It’s going to be overseen by Kevin Feige himself.

It’s probably not that big of a bummer that you’ll only be able to get this on Disney+, as it’s appearing more and more likely a bunch of us will have no choice but to subscribe to the service once it finally hits. I am a little disappointed that this’ll be animated, however, though really I can’t imagine them being able to do this live action unless they just recast everything willy-nilly, which would also piss everyone off.

Other than that, we don’t know much. Will known Marvel actors do voice work? Don’t know! Will they adapt already famous What If… stories? Don’t know that either! How many episodes are we talking about here? Gang, we are just totally fucking clueless.

But this is a fun idea, and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out in addition to the other wacky shows Marvel plans to bring to Disney+.