Los Angeles: Win A Pair of Tickets to LAKE PLACID

Steve Miner's killer croc movie is celebrating its 20th birthday!

It's hard to believe it's been a full twenty years since I said "Wait, David E. Kelley wrote this monster movie?", but it's true. Lake Placid hit theaters in the summer of 1999, and as with many horror comedies before and since, it didn't exactly break box office records. Audiences just never know what to make of these things when they're in theaters, always finding them later on video and thinking "Man, I wish I saw this in theaters!". Indeed, the film has a few DTV sequels (including one where it crosses over with the Anaconda franchise!), so clearly it did well enough there to warrant continuing the brand. 

But the first one is by far the best, thanks to its game cast: Kelley's script attracted some terrific talent (including Bridget Fonda in what would be one of her final big roles before retiring from the spotlight), as well as the directing services of Steve Miner, fresh off the success of H20 and bringing the same fast pace along - as with his Michael Myers revival, the film runs less than 90 minutes, a godsend for people like me who love movies but often lack the three hours (with trailers) of free time it takes to go see one nowadays. 

Want to join me for a rare big screen showing of this quirky monster flick on Tuesday, March 19th in Los Angeles? Just email [email protected] with your favorite horror comedy, and I'll pick the winner on Monday and let them know! The screening is at 7:30pm at the TCL Chinese 6 in Hollywood, so make sure you can get there before you enter! There will be a Q&A with Miner (a big get since he rarely does these kind of things) and editor Marshall Harvey, and I'll have some trivia prizes as well. Plus, this is a Screamfest Fears & Beers screening, so if you're 21+, you get a free beer with your ticket! I can only pick one winner so if you don't want to play the odds I suggest taking the safe route and buying tix HERE! See you there!