Florence Pugh To Be Fighting With Marvel’s BLACK WIDOW

The actress is in talks to join ScarJo’s long-awaited solo film.

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow may soon be adding Florence Pugh in a leading role. Pugh would be acting opposite Scarlett Johansson’s famous title character, in an unnamed role. She will likely play another spy and Natasha Romanoff’s “moral opposite”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. My guess would be the other Black Widow, Yelena Belova, who’s twice as unhinged as Natasha, and four times as blonde.

Pugh is an up and coming star who you might know from David Mackenzie’s Netflix Original Outlaw King, and the recently released Stephen Merchant joint Fighting with My Family (where she’s fantastic and hilarious).

Not much else is known about the Black Widow movie right now, not even its official title and release date, although cameras are expected to start rolling this July. Marvel Studios has currently booked two release dates in 2020 (May 1st and November 6th), so flip a coin on which day we’ll be able to see solo ScarJo espionage action. (Although if I were a betting man, I’d say that May 1st date previously belonged to Guardians Vol. 3 but is now scrapped.)