Not Everything Is Horrible: BILL & TED 3: FACE THE MUSIC Gets A Release Date

Introduced by the Wyld Stallyns themselves.

It’s hard to keep an optimistic mind when on the internet. Especially on a day which sees so many people automatically assuming martial arts movie freak Quentin Tarantino actually made a film where Brad Pitt can beat up Bruce Lee.

But there are minor spots of positivity out there. Today we get one courtesy of Bill & Ted, of all people:

August 21, 2020. A perfect date for this particular movie. Normally, a release date announcement is iffy in terms of news. Not this time. The world needs a new Bill & Ted film right now and the fact that this is introduced by the guys themselves is just about perfect. Look at Keanu’s weird Ted bopping! He’s still got it!

Of course, we still have no real idea what this is about, but who cares. We all need to take a step back and be excellent to each other in whatever form that takes. I know I’ll be there. Unless I’m dead. In which case, I’ll just hang out with Station. Unless I go to Hell. In which case, I’ll play Scrabble with Death. Fuck yeah, I can’t be brought down!