Some Things Are Inevitable, Like Death Or This Remake Of ONE CUT OF THE DEAD

Now it’s going to be REALLY hard to stay unspoiled.

One Cut of the Dead is now up there as one of my all-time favorite movie going experiences. Granted, part of that was booze, part was the film’s surprising premise and part was the company I kept, but hey, part was also the damn film itself. It’s great! So great, I accidentally tried to get everyone to watch it on Amazon Prime when the film was uploaded against its distributor’s wishes. Sorry about that!

With a budget of only $27,000, this delightful film has done very well in Japan. Which means there is money to be made in the States as well. Not with a release of course, but an English remake.

According to Variety, producer Patrick Cunningham has acquired the rights to remake the film. He doesn’t have a writer or director yet. In fact, having the rights doesn’t necessarily mean this is even going to happen. But it is probably going to happen. Cunningham plans to make it happen with a “fairly small” budget.

Which means yet another round of trying to talk people into seeing a movie you can’t really describe without ruining. Only this time it’ll be complicated by comparisons with the original. I can’t deny I’m curious to hear how it all turns out. And who knows, someone truly exciting could get the job, which would complicate the whole thing further, possibly in a good way!

We’ll keep our ear to the ground and share what happens next as we hear it. In the meantime, you should probably do what you can to see the original. Preferably with a large group of pals.