Robert Pattinson May Also Star In Christopher Nolan’s New Movie

Maybe he knows the title.

Yesterday we learned that John David Washington, star of last year's BlacKKKlansman, had signed on to headline Christopher Nolan's next film, a "massive, innovative action blockbuster” that may or may not be influenced by Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest. This was great news, and we were happy to hear it.

Now, just one day later, we've got more good news: according to the folks over at Collider, Good Time's Robert Pattinson is also in the process of joining Nolan's latest. Their report claims Pattinson will be the film's other lead, alongside Washington, and that eventually they'll be joined by "an age-appropriate female lead, as well as an older male co-star." They're also reporting that some rumors have Nolan's next pegged as something of a spiritual sequel to Inception, but we join Collider in their skepticism; that simply strikes us as too good to be true. We'd love to be proven wrong, of course, we're just not holding our breath.

As for Pattinson, well, what can I tell you? Here's a guy that a lot of us were far too dismissive of early in his career, a guy who's spent the past decade choosing one interesting (rather than money-making) role after another. If you're still only familiar with Pattinson from his work in the Twilight movies, we recommend searching out the aforementioned Good Time, James Gray's The Lost City of Z, David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, and/or David Michôd's The Rover. As was the case with John David Washington, it's very exciting to imagine what kind of performance he'd turn in for Nolan. We're guessing it'll be on the chilly side.

Stay tuned for more on Untitled 2020 Christopher Nolan Event Film, which hits theaters on July 20th, 2020.