We Still Know Nothing About Christopher Nolan’s Next Movie But Now Elizabeth Debicki’s In It

How many of these post can we write? Looks like we're gonna find out.

In the past 24 hours, we've learned that John David Washington and Robert Pattinson are both climbing aboard Christopher Nolan's next film, a "massive, innovative action blockbuster” that has yet to be given a title. Given the overall lack of information available to us, you can probably see why covering each of these casting announcements presents something of a challenge. One quickly runs out of things to say.

This one's gonna be pretty easy, though.

First, the news: according to Variety, Elizabeth Debicki, last seen killing it in Steve McQueen's Widows (and soon to be seen in HBO and Jordan Peele's series adaptation of Lovecraft Country) has also joined the cast of Untitled 2020 Christopher Nolan Event Film, of the "Blockbuster" Genre. Presumably, this is the female lead mentioned in today's earlier report about Robert Pattinson joining the cast ... and if that's the case, this means we have one more "older, male co-star" to name before moving on to the next round of the hype cycle.

No idea what we'll bring to the table in that forthcoming post, but for this one I'm going to take the opportunity to urge you to see Widows. That film was a pulpy, exciting, surprisingly complex crime saga that deserved way better than it got at the box office, and Debicki's one of the best thing in it. We're pleased to hear she's joining the cast of Nolan's latest, but let your real takeaway from this post be that you should see Widows as soon as possible. Make your friends watch it, too.

That's it. That's all we got for now. Stay tuned for more on Whatever The Hell This Movie Ends Up Being Called in what we assume will be the next few hours.

Movie arrives on July 20th of next year.