SUPERGIRL 4.16 Review “The House of L”

Holy exposition, Batman!

This post contains spoilers for Supergirl.
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Well, boys and girls. You waited patiently for over half a season to find out what this Red Daughter business was all about, and now you’ve finally got some answers! “The House of L” shows us what Lex has been up to over the last three years. Unsurprisingly, it’s nothing good. After poisoning his entire courtroom at his sentencing, Lex Luthor went off quietly to serve his thirty-two life sentences. Kind off.

Lex’s story has been intertwined with the Kaznian Kryptonian’s from the beginning. Lex ensured that the Warden was properly bribed early in his prison stint, and is still more than comfortable with leveling threats on his keeper’s family when he’s not allowed to go out and play. The Kaznian government giving him a ring about their new pet Kryptonian is one such time.

And so Lex and the double of Kara Zor El begin their story. It’s one of manipulation, not to be unexpected when Lex Luthor is involved, but it serves an important purpose. While Lex is teaching the Red Daughter about the greed-filled America, she illustrates that she really is just like Supergirl. She sees the scum, just as Lex wants her to, but she also sees their goodness through her comfier counterpart’s eyes. Kara’s journal gives the Red Daughter a glimpse into the goodness of humanity. The compassion is infectious. But Lex Luthor isn’t one to be bested by such “weak” emotions.

Miss Tessmacher and Otis help Lex kill young Mychal to turn the Red Daughter against the Americans for good, but there are two factors he failed to take into consideration. The first is the Red Daughter’s wrath. She levels many of the sailors on the Naval boat, unbridled by the morals that would stop Supergirl from doing the same. The second is Otis’ heart. Lex finds a way to continue to manipulate Red Daughter after their big fight, but it’s this miscalculation of who Otis is as a person that will ultimately destroy his plan down the road. He saves Mychal from the blast from the US Naval ship, telling him to play dead should he ever see a small bald man. A small bald man who’s going to have a very pissed off Kryptonian on his hands once she finds out the truth. The kind that won’t hesitate to snap his head off his body for betraying her.

Though “The House of L” is basically nothing but exposition, that’s not my complaint about the episode. That exposition was welcome for a character we’ve waited so long to learn more about. What’s frustrating is that all of the poetry of the most poetic fate of any comic book character in existence was stolen by having Lex give himself the cancer to save the Red Daughter. Throwin’ out some perfect poetic justice like that. Shame! But we’ll all get over it. The episode doing Miss Tessmacher right helps in that regard.

Listen, I’m as saddened by Eve’s betrayal as the next gal, but if you’re gonna make ‘em bad, make ‘em bad. Eve’s not a half wit secretary, she’s a genius capable of keeping up with the likes of Lex and Lena Luthor. She might be smitten with Lex, but it’s not because of his bad toupee. She’s in love with his mind. She believes his manifesto from start to finish. There’s for sure something broken in the girl’s brain, but I’ll take it so long as it’s not some “but I love him!” nonsense.

Next week we’ll all be seeing double. The Red Daughter comes to National City with a mission. A pissed off Kryptonian and the most diabolical mind in the DC universe (now complete with super powers) are about to add them to the city’s growing list of problems. The question is, when do James’ powers show up?

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