New SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK Poster Features The Pale Lady

(involuntary full-body shiver)

According to an email we just received, the next trailer for André Øvredal's Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark will be along tomorrow. Until then, we have a brand new one-sheet to gawk at, this one featuring the series' iconic Pale Lady. 

Let's take a peek.

Maybe, upon seeing this poster, you're wondering what the Pale Lady looked like in the pages of the original Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark, where her gruesome form was rendered by the brilliant Stephen Gammell. Say no more, fam, I gotchu covered:

OK, so, yeah - so far the Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark marketing campaign has given us a reanimated corpse, a young lady with a face full of baby spiders, and now this grotesqueshambling nightmare. Pretty stellar work so far, if you ask us. If the point here is to recreate the profoundly disturbing images from Alvin Schwartz' original short story collections, they're fucking nailing it.

Stay tuned for more, gang. We'll have that new teaser trailer for you just as soon as it arrives tomorrow. In the meantime, be aware that Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark hits theaters on August 9th. Bring your kids!