The Extended TWILIGHT ZONE Trailer Contains A Ton Of Creepy New Footage

"You're entering another dimension..."

On Monday, CBS All Access will roll out the first two episodes of their highly-anticipated Twilight Zone revival, and what a perfect time for it. As you surely know by now, this one comes to us from executive producer Jordan Peele, who's also onboard as this iteration of the show's Narrator. Given that Peele is basically The Guy right now (thanks to the ongoing success of Universal's Us), it feels like something of a coup to have him serving as the face of this new reboot. 

We'll have reviews of those first two episodes for you very shortly. In the meantime, you might be curious to check out this just-released Extended Trailer, which gives us a look at a number of episodes we've not seen footage from up to this point. Take a look:

Last night I caught the first four episodes of the new Twilight Zone, and I'm embargoed from sharing my findings for the next day or two. Can't really say much of anything at this point, really! But, hey, on a completely unrelated note, I would like to casually suggest that you go ahead and look into getting a CBS All Access subscription, like, right now. Before Monday at the very least. No particular reason.

Stay tuned for further Twilight Zone coverage. The show's first two episodes premiere on Monday, with new episodes arriving weekly starting on the 11th.