It’s Official: Allegedly Confirmed Rumors Suggest Something Will Happen* In The Next STAR WARS

* = Potentially confirmed by multiple reports.

According to several independent, soon-to-be-verified sources we spoke to on condition of anonymity*, Birth.Movies.Death. has confirmed that multiple purported rumors now suggest that something will allegedly happen in the next Star Wars movie (JJ Abrams' as-yet-untitled Episode IX, which hits theaters on December 20th of this year). 

Sources indicate that, in a best case scenario, the thing which is definitely alleged to be happening in Star Wars: Episode IX is, in fact, believed to be official, and has been carefully verified by an undetermined number of anonymous tipsters who contacted our independent sources** to relay the possibility of the exciting thing happening in Star Wars: Episode IX, which arrives in theaters just five days before Christmas.

Further investigation on our part revealed that a maximum of one source "relatively" close to the production has confirmed what both the anonymous tipsters and our as-yet-unverified independent sources have heard about the thing that is reportedly alleged to happen in Star Wars: Episode IX (d. JJ Abrams) - namely, that it is in the movie, and that those who view the film will be able to see it with their own eyes once Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters (December 20th, 2019) - but as of this writing this has been only tangentially acknowledged, in several off-the-record and unseen statements, by employees of both Disney and Lucasfilm. An intriguing development, indeed. 

So, you heard it here first, gang! If all goes according to the plan which we have not been made privy to, a thing has a very real possibility of happening, to some undetermined degree and in ways both official and unofficial, at some point in Star Wars: Episode IX. All of that said, we should of course take all of the above (especially the thing about the thing) with a Death Star-sized grain of salt***, but feel free to speculate on the implications of today's Hot Scoop in the comments below. 

* = Via FB Messenger

** = Actually one source with three burner accounts

*** = Star Wars reference