Jai Courtney Says He’s Coming Back For THE SUICIDE SQUAD

If this is true, the BMD readership gets full credit.

Here's a shocking revelation to end the week on: in a new interview with Business Insider ("Your Inside Source For All Business"), living legend Jai Courtney says he'll be back for James Gunn's forthcoming Suicide Squad reboot, where he will reprise his iconic role of Captain Boomerang, the fun-loving and violent criminal who...well, our memory is that he mostly stabbed people with boomerangs, rather than throwing them with deadly precision and pinpoint accuracy, but honestly - who even remembers at this point? 

Anyway, here's Jai Courtney, patron saint of Birth.Movies.Death.:

"We're getting ready to shoot in a few months' time. There's not much else I can reveal about it but, yeah, you'll be seeing Boomerang back for sure."

This is, to say the least, a startling development. Up to this point, all signs have pointed to James Gunn's The Suicide Squad being a nearly-total reinvention of the franchise, one which would only feature a return of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn (as you might've heard, Idris Elba's taking over Will Smith's role in the film). If Courtney's to be taken at face value here, The Suicide Squad isn't quite the 90% reinvention we thought it was. Might be more like 80-85%. 

What do you folks make of this? Is someone playing a mean trick on Jai Courtney? Is it possible that Boomerang will be back (#BoomerangWillBeBack)? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for further updates on James Gunn's The Suicide Squad as they become available.