The Extended Trailer For BRIGHTBURN Offers 50% More Evil Not-Superman Hijinks

In which EP James Gunn's dark superhero thriller continues to look right up our alley.

Director James Gunn is currently putting together a Suicide Squad reboot for Warner Bros. and the third Guardians of The Galaxy for Marvel/Disney, but that ain't all he's up to: as we've previously reported, Gunn's also serving as the executive producer on Screen Gems' Brightburn, from director David Yarovesky.

Brightburn (a relatively small, dark superhero thriller that basically imagines what would happen if Superman were an evil dick rather than a force for good) arrives in just a few months, and today Gunn took to Twitter to reveal a brand-new extended trailer for the film. Let's take a look:

This is, more or less, the trailer we've already seen, padded out with another minute-or-so of new shots. Most of those shots involve Brightburn's lead character, a supernaturally powerful young boy by the name of Brandon Breyer (Jackson A. Dunn), using his powers to be an evil psychopath, though, so we're fine giving this one another post. Quite frankly, we've long since been sold on the concept and don't need to see anything further from the film, but thanks for the reminder, James Gunn!

Oh, speaking of: Gunn also dropped this new Brightburn poster:

Pretty snazzy! Love the bold use of red here. Reminds me of a certain someone's cape.

Brightburn hits theaters on May 24th. You gonna show up for it or what? Sound off below.