SUPERGIRL 4.17 Review “All About Eve”

Colonel Haley will go against the President's orders for donuts and donuts only.

This post contains spoilers for Supergirl.
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If you follow any of BMD’s CW Network reviews, you know that I can sometimes be (rightfully) accused of waxing poetic about what the Arrowverse brings to the table. Whether it’s in the books, television, or film, comic book properties have always been inherently political, but each member of the DCTV family has taken time to tackle the current political climate. Leading that charge is Supergirl, using the aliens (and humanity’s treatment of them) as a direct parallel to America’s narrative against immigrants. That story has been at its boiling point for some time now, with things finally bubbling over due to the meddling of one Lex Luthor.

Kara Zor El was sent to Earth to take care of her cousin, Kal, when Krypton was destroyed. Though she wasn’t able to fulfill that duty at the time she was meant to, she is making up for her absence now. With Earth under the protection of Supergirl, Kal El is finally able to take a moment to have a life. Lois’ pregnancy inspired the two to head to Argo, leaving Earth under the Girl of Steel’s protection.

And then Superman’s greatest nemesis broke out of prison.

Jon Cryer’s casting as one of the most iconic villains in DC Comics history may have come under early scrutiny (mine included), but the writers have done their part to ensure that Lex has left a path of destruction like only he could. Thus far, Cryer’s managed to rise to the task. Two episodes have secured his ick factor without needing to lean on the character’s history. In those two hours he has successfully: tricked his sister into giving him superpowers, manipulated the Red Daughter to his will, was able to get the Alien Amnesty Act repealed, nearly killed James Olson (again) and made the Girl of Steel public enemy number one.

Woven throughout “All About Eve” are constant reminders to never underestimate female friends. On the more nefarious side is Eve Tessmacher, Lex’s current favorite pawn. Literally none of the current destruction would have been possible without her. We’ll talk about a genius physicist thinking “ilovelex” is a secure password another time. On the flipside is the team of Lena, Alex, and Supergirl (with a surprising dash of Colonel Haley?).

Lena and Supergirl’s relationship has been tenuous for some time now. The Girl of Steel finding out that Lena created more of the harun-el did not help that strain, but the two of them finally had a breakthrough this week. Lena calls out Supergirl for trying to stop progress for the sake of what may happen if it falls in the wrong hands, particularly when that progress literally just saved James’ life. In a surprising turn of events, Supergirl agrees. She shares with her friends that her anger is sparked from fear, and that she cannot fail. This moment of vulnerability is enough to inspire all three women to agree to let bygones be bygones, but we haven’t yet breached the topic of Lena working with Lex well before all of this hit the fan.

While it’s been great for Kara to have a friend that she can go to without having the weight of Supergirl on her shoulders, Lena’s mistake gives the show a really solid opportunity to finally bring the less-maniacal Luthor into the team’s inner circle. Or whatever’s left of it. Lena made an inexcusable mistake for all of the best, albeit misguided, reasons. Meanwhile, Supergirl has had a completely justifiable reason to keep Lena in the dark, even if it’s meant kinda lying to her.

Before we can get to all that, we must first survive the reign of the Red Daughter. This story will, without a doubt, rip out all of our hearts. Most of the internet was ready to defend her with their dying breaths after five minutes of screen time, and we all know the kind of heartache that’s in our future. Eve’s final gift in her title episode is locking Supergirl in kryptonite while she’s forced to watch her double wreak havoc on the White House after the Alien Amnesty Act is repealed. When the dust settles, the anti-alien groups have their vindication, and the President of the United States enacts martial law.

A beaten and confused Supergirl comes without hesitation when she’s called by Alex and Lena, despite suspecting that they would try to arrest her. Instead, they both declare that they know she’s innocent, and that they’re going to get to the bottom of this together. Even Colonel Haley knows that whatever went down wasn’t what it seemed! The women of Supergirl couldn’t have come together at a better time, because Kara’s found herself mentor-less when she needed him most.

Watching J’onn struggle with his identity has been heart wrenching. Summoning M’yrnn didn’t make that pain any easier to tolerate, but it did help our favorite Martian Dad figure out his little crisis. The one complaint here is that J’onn keeps insisting he’s the only Martian left, which is just factually untrue. M’gann’s out there leading revolutions while you’re on Earth having a midlife crisis, J’onn J’onzz. All the same, it’s good to see him finally at peace with his purpose.

Despite his best attempts, James also finds himself unable to be of much help to Supergirl. It’s exciting to see the show take a stab at trauma. The introduction of which was done so well that it’s hard to be clear whether or not the enhanced sounds James is hearing is due to the harun-el, or if it’s his PTSD reacting to triggers. Either way, it’s my sincerest hope that this sub plot gets the attention it deserves. Dude’s been targeted by Lex Luthor eight times. It’s gotta catch up to you eventually!

And with that stunner of an episode concluded, Supergirl heads on a quick break before they start their final stretch of episodes. When they return, the Girl of Steel is going to show the world that there’s no government in the galaxy that can stop her from helping people. You know what to do if you had thoughts on this week’s episode!