LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 4.09 Review “Lucha De Apuestas”

Booyaka, booyaka! 619!

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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The misfits, the rebels, and the failures ride again after far too long of a hiatus. The Legends of Tomorrow are back, baby! A quick refresher, because you’d need a Gideon to help remember all of the things that happened back in January. The most memorable (mostly because “Lucha De Apuestas” continues the story), is Mona and Konane. Mona finds out that the Men in Black are hurting the magical creatures, and chases after them to stop them from hurting her Kaupe boyfriend. Konane accidentally slashed Mona while battling off the men that were trying to take him away, and we got the gift of spending all of hiatus wondering if she’d be ok. There’s also a big bad level demon walking around with Dez’s face. We’ll get more on that situation soon. For now? We’ve got a date with some Luchadors!

The good news is that Mona is fine. The bad news is that the Men in Black, the Time Bureau, and the Legends of Tomorrow are all trying to hunt her down. Because she’s a smart cookie, she manages to get the jump on Gary before he can erase her memory. Gary’s brain is broken for the time being. He’s very concerned about the loss of his nipple. Mostly the fact that he can’t remember why it’s gone. Mona hastily sends Konane away to the first place that pops up: 1961 Mexico City.

Smash cut to a Lucha Libre arc that had me laughing out loud on several occasions. Ray used a chair! Konane did a 619! There were so many power slams! In short, “Lucha De Apuestas” is made for the part of the Venn diagram where wrestling fans and comic book nerds meet. But the return of Legends of Tomorrow is also here to remind us that it’s capable of making us laugh out loud and cry real tears within the span of minutes.

Mona’s able to convince the Legends that she was framed by the Men in Black, but one Director Sharpe is less inclined to listen. Sara does what she knows is right, and chooses to protect Mona and Konane until Nate and Zari can prove that the footage that put them all on Mona’s trail was altered. The footage is a cakewalk for Zari, but it turns out that it doesn’t really matter to Ava. She doesn’t care that the creatures are being tortured or experimented on. It’s her job to protect the timeline, not the monsters in her charge. Kind of a weird mentality for a clone to have, but hey, drama!

Ava didn’t feel supported, so she lashed out. How long it will take her to come around remains to be seen, but y’all can rest assured that your favorite bisexuals will reunite in no time. Unfortunately, that will not be an option for Konane and Mona.

Mick Rory begrudgingly caring about people is one of the best tools in Legends of Tomorrow’s wacky ass tool belt. After finding out that Mona’s a fan of his work, he tries to save her from a life in a time she doesn’t belong in. She had likened herself and Konane to two characters from Mick’s book that came from different worlds, but Mick explains that loving each other doesn’t always mean things will work out. Sometimes you have to keep loving each other while living your separate lives.

Ultimately, Mona knows that her new cranky big brother is right. She and her Kaupe share a brief touching moment before she sends him on his way, and then said Kaupe is ruthlessly gunned down because losing Ava and Sara wasn’t enough! Oh, and because they needed to reveal that Mona is now a Kaupe herself due to the little scratchy scratch from the midseason finale.

Legends’ hilarious and heart-wrenching return is a perfect reminder of all of the things that make this bucket of insanity worth watching. Coming back from a hiatus that long can be difficult, but all of the stakes were successfully laid out on the table. The Demon Dez arc looms, while Nora Darhk still sits in a cell at the Bureau. Nate and Zari (gonna smooch) are on the trail of his father and the Men in Black, and the Legends have a newfound dedication to protecting the magical creatures that they were sending to hell not so long ago.

There’s a lot to cover, and only 8 more weeks to do it in. Here’s to all the crazy that’s about to unfold, and to all the werewolf problems we’re about to see while Mona sorts out her new and harrier self.

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