So It Begins: JOKER Gets A Poster

And tomorrow, a teaser.

Of life’s great, many mysteries, trying to figure out just what the fuck with Todd Phillips’ and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie must be at the top of the list. Why is this happening? What is it going to be? Is Shazam going to cameo or what? These questions and more fill our minds and drive us to madness.

We’re going to start getting answers, however. Today marks the beginning of Joker’s marketing phase, which means we now have a poster:

Even more exciting, tomorrow we are apparently getting a teaser trailer. I have a strong feeling it will be very much on the teaser side of things, but I still cannot help but get hyped.

Just as a reminder, this movie also features Robert De Niro, Marc Maron and Shea Whigham and it WILL be taken seriously. By me if no one else.

October 4 is the big day. Surely we can wait that long, right?