Yes, Taika Waititi’s AKIRA Is Still A Thing


Real quick, have a look at your calendar. Notice that it is April 2nd. Not April 1st. Keep that shit in mind.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Akira - produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Taika Waititi - will be getting a big California tax credit to help out with its 71-day California shoot.

Yes, we are very big on tax break stories within the film industry here at Birth.Movies.Death. This has nothing to do with our continues shock that TAIKA WAITITI IS MAKING AN AKIRA MOVIE.

Granted, that fact is not new, not at all. This has been a threatened thing since September 2017. It’s just still very hard to believe. And with all Waititi’s projects (the Star Wars show, JoJo Rabbit, something involving Time Bandits) it’s easy to just assume his Akira thing was a long-forgotten phase.

But nope. According to this, it is still a viable project. And now it even has tax credits. I guess we need to start getting ready. And to be honest, if anyone were to do this story, one I’m not convinced I ever need to see again, Waititi is a name that adds excitement and curiosity to the project. It’s hard to believe he’d turn in a soulless studio product, after all.

So sure, why not? Let’s do it, Akira! Please enjoy your tax breaks!