David Harbour Joins Marvel’s BLACK WIDOW, Possibly As Someone’s Dad

So don’t worry about HELLBOY; Harbour will be fine.

Things are really starting to happen for Marvel’s Black Widow movie. Lore’s Cate Shortland is going to direct, Florence Pugh has joined the cast. And now we got David Harbour all up in this.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hellboy and Stranger Things daddy David Harbour has joined the film as… well, no one knows. Perhaps he will play Black Widow’s dad. But he could also be a sneaky CIA type like his James Bond character, Gregg Beam. I mean, he could be anything other than an earnest teenager, he’s David Harbour.

What’s curious is THR’s description of the film confirms it will be a prequel. Unless I missed the memo and it was confirmed already. This is especially important to me as it lends credence to my pet theory that all six original Avengers will die in Endgame. Go for it, Marvel. Wipe that slate clean!

I’m pretty down for a full-on espionage Marvel film. I know that’s what Winter Soldier is supposed to be, but it never quite translated that way for me. A younger Black Widow movie, I assume, will be a lot closer to the spy vs spy shenanigans I’m hoping for. Unless the whole thing is just about some MacGuffin that drives phase five, that is.

In any case, David Harbour will be there. Which means so will your mom.