Nicolas Winding Refn’s TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG Gets A Very Refn Trailer

Plus a release date.

It’s a weird complaint, but there is entirely too much great television out there right now. That should be a good thing, but it’s just so hard to keep up with everything, especially when there are so many great movies out there as well (you guys are excited about Cats, right?).

And so I look forward to Nicolas Winding Refn’s upcoming Too Old to Die Young with a mixture of excitement and exhaustion, particularly with the news that this ten-episode series may run sixteen hours in length. That… that is a lot of Refn.

But for now, how about just a couple minutes? Check out the show’s new trailer below:

I can’t deny, it looks pretty good, filled with all the Refn colors and violence we’ve come to expect. Whether it’ll outwear its welcome when it premieres June 14 remains to be seen. Actually, I’m certain it will but maybe in a cool way.