Whoops, Looks Like Rachel Weisz Might Be In BLACK WIDOW Too

It is apparently BLACK WIDOW day.

We just wrote up a whole thing about David Harbour joining the Black Widow movie in an unknown role. And then, mere moments later, this happens. Never a dull moment!

According to Variety, Rachel Weisz might be in the Black Widow movie as well. It’s not a done deal yet, so put that champagne away. But have it ready. As usual, we don’t know who Weisz will play. Perhaps she will be Black Widow’s mom, married to Black Widow’s dad, who may or may not be David Harbour. But if it’s NOT David Harbour, why even have Black Widow's dad be in the movie, Marvel? This is not rocket science.

Most curious is Variety’s wishy-washy language regarding whether or not this is a prequel after all, claiming it’s unclear whether or not this takes place after Endgame or will be an origin story. If it takes place after Endgame, this would of course ruin my theory that all six original Avengers die. I simply must know the health of my dumb fan theory and all this Black Widow stuff is really screwing it up!