Brian De Palma’s Troubled DOMINO Gets A Trailer

But is it worth the wait?

Brian De Palma is one of the most innovate and interesting directors out there. As such, any new film from him deserves at least a little attention. Even one he himself has turned his back on.

Domino was a troubled production, to put it mildly, and its release was never assured. Apparently the film had major funding problems, but there are also rumors that the film has been cut from almost 150 minutes to a mere 90, indicating even bigger problems.

But hey, it appears to have made it either way. It now comes to us in trailer form, and it’s honestly not the worst trailer in the world. Check it out:

I turned my computer’s brightness all the way up and still had trouble seeing some of this, but other than that, this looks interesting enough to watch, despite all the behind the scenes trouble. I like a thriller, and De Palma has a good cast here. He may have given up on the film, but we’re still going to give it a chance when it comes out May 31.