MY SPY Trailer: Dave Bautista Gets His Annoying Kid Sidekick Movie

But maybe that’s a good thing?

Lots of muscle actors eventually find themselves in a movie where they’re paired with or surrounded by children. It’s understandable. There’s an obvious humor to seeing someone so big and stoic have to deal with someone so little and sassy. We are simple creatures, and some things just work.

Schwarzenegger has done it. Lundgren has done it. Diesel has done it. In a very extreme case, Statham kind of did it in Fate of the Furious. Now it’s Dave Bautista’s turn. Check out the My Spy trailer below:

We’re all on the same page that Bautista is already far too talented to just be known as a muscle guy, right? He aspires to be a character actor, and I sincerely support him in this pursuit because he’s outstanding. Here, he’s putting on a different hat and going full-mainstream. Your mileage will vary on how successful it is. I see a lot of Drax in this character and it doesn’t bug me.

More than anything, this trailer has an interesting good joke ratio. Every time it loses me with some basic zinger, it comes back with a real good one that hooks me all over again. I wouldn’t say I’m into this, but I’m not NOT into this either. In other words, I want to watch My Spy on an airplane or something.

I’m not seeing a release date for My Spy yet, but as the trailer says, it is coming soon. So be ready for that.