So It Looks Like Vin Diesel Will Be In Those AVATAR Sequels

And sort of weird. It looks like he will continue to be sort of weird.

It’s sometimes hard to remember that while we drink our coffee and eat breakfast, James Cameron is already out there, hard at work on like four new Avatar movies. It’s been a threat for so long, but now it’s actually in production and everything.

It also appears to be casting still. And even though Avatar is basically its own star and doesn’t need big names to sell itself, yesterday it seemed to get one anyway:


And the journey continues... #Blessed #Grateful #Avatar

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I don’t know why so many of Vin Diesel’s Instagram videos make me uncomfortable, but this one definitely has that effect. In any case, how else are we to read this except to infer Vin Diesel will be in some upcoming Avatar movies? How many and who he will play remain a mystery, as pretty much everything with new Avatar remains a mystery. But you just know you want to see his blue cat face.

We still have a long time to wait for these. The first one doesn’t come out until December 2020.