Heck Yes, Viola Davis Is Going To Be In James Gunn’s SUICIDE SQUAD

Was there ever any doubt?

Before James Gunn can reclaim his Marvel throne, he still has to do his Suicide Squad 2 thing. And while the chances this film will be better than the first Suicide Squad are astronomical, the whole thing is still a pretty big curiosity.

So far, we’ve heard that Idris Elba will take over Will Smith’s role and Jai Courtney will be back. Plus we'll have some newcomers. I mean, that’s a damn movie right there! But the question of who will or won’t return endures. Today, it looks like another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place.

According to The Wrap, Viola Davis will return to her role as Suicide Squad head honcho Amanda Waller. For those who don’t remember, or couldn’t understand because nothing made much sense, Waller is a government stooge who puts together a team of super-ish villains-ish and makes them do suicidal things in exchange for a pardon. Ish. Now I’m having trouble remembering how all that shook out in the first one.

Anyway, she’s back. Either to put together another team or add to the old team or I don’t know what. With James Gunn in charge, however, I have faith that I finally WILL know what when I see the film.

That, by the way, won’t happen until August 6, 2021. So we have some time.