So Wait, Now Idris Elba Is Playing A New SUICIDE SQUAD Character, Not Deadshot

Will Smith fans rejoice!

Okay, things are starting to get a little wacky in Suicide Squad 2 land. Earlier today, we learned that Viola Davis would return to the film as extremely popular and iconic character Amanda Waller. Fine, that much makes sense.

But now news arrives that Idris Elba, while still totally in the film, will no longer be playing extremely popular and iconic character Deadshot - originally made extremely popular and iconic by Will Smith. Instead, he will be playing a different extremely popular and iconic character. We don’t know which one yet.

This makes sense. I can imagine James Gunn not wanting to marrDeadshot’s rich backstory by making audiences fall for him all over again but with a different actor. Better to take your Elba and start afresh.

And hey, this means if Will Smith ever feels like he made a mistake leaving this very important series, he can still return to the character in the future. Everybody wins!